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Bielefeld: Action against Commercialization of Campus Space

The following report associated with the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action was sent to the global ISM mailing list.


Hi all!

Last week, the Deutsche Telekom (German ISP) did a marketing campaign at our university canteen. They sold special food to students, and the whole area was full of Telekom marketing stuff: stands, posters, annoying music, and leaflets and cardboard boxes on every table. Because we don’t want to feel like being in a Telekom store while we eat our lunch, we decided to throw out the boxes.

Afterwards we walked with a banner through the canteen to remind the students and Telekom henchfolk that we are students, and not customers. […]

This is our belated conribution to the international “We are students not customers” action week. […]

Solidary greetings from Bielefeld, Germany!

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