Print Resources

A Book Bloc Genealogy

Absent Future-imposed

Activist First Aid-imposed

After the fall communiques (Uni of California occupation movement 2009) –

Against Schools & The Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling


Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back-imposed

Cop Tech-imposed

Debt Resistors Operation manual

Dispatch from the Ruins-imposed

Do We Really Need Tuition

Don’t Buy Textbooks

Fight Back! – A Reader on the Winter of Protest (UK, 2011)

How We Won the Strike

Nanterre, Here, Now-imposed

Not Recruiting Bill

Occupation Guide Redux-imposed

On the Poverty of Student Life-imposed

Pamphlet debt pdf



Student life-imposed

Student Organiser’s Handbook (UK, 2015)

The Edu-factory Collection

The Johannesburg Salon (“Rhodes Must Fall” (RMF) Writing and Education Subcommittees have guest edited their first publication, Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism’s The Johannesburg Salon Volume 9. The issue explores the RMF movement and centers itself around the theme of black imagination.) – online version:

The Occupation Cookbook

Thesis on the Invisible University

Toward a Student Unionism-imposed

Towards a Student Syndicalist Movement

UC (University of California) Santa Cruz – Disorientation Guide 2011-2012

University Occupations-imposed

We Want Everything

Why Not to trust your school

Why Should We Strike

Why Should We Strike-imposed



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