Open Forum in Marburg

An alliance of students and faculty staff at the Philipps-University of Marburg organized an open forum with the theme “Wer ist die Uni?” (Who is the uni?). Various status groups at the university filled the programme with workshops, presentation, film screenings and exhibitions among others.  Focal points of the forum were (the lack of) democratic structures at the university, selections processes in the access to education, as well as the issue of public underfunding and its consequences for the institution.
The administration of the university supported the initiative and called on lecturers to suspend lectures and seminars for the day – a so called ‘dies academicus’. The main lecture hall building was used to host the forum.

It was also linked to the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action and attended by around 400 people.


Here are some more pictures taken at the forum:

Dies_acad_14-4 Dies_acad_14-5 Dies_acad_14-6 Dies_acad_14-59Dies_acad_14-67 Dies_acad_14-65 Dies_acad_14-68 Dies_acad_14-77 Dies_acad_14-78 Dies_acad_14-85 Dies_acad_14-87

credit for the pictures: Max Bode


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