North Carolina: Vigil, Assembly, Blockade, Banner-Drop

The report and pictures below were shared on the global ISM mailing list from North Carolina:

On behalf of the North Carolina State University Students for a Democratic Society (NCSU SDS)

Here in central North Carolina the ‘We Are Students, Not Customers’ week of activities ranged from a statewide assembly to blockading the 147 Freeway. (Photo’s included below)


Ayotzinapa #NC43 Solidarity Demonstration – Wednesday (Nov.19)
A solidarity rally and vigil was held outside the Mexican Consulate in the state capitol. The event drew a diverse crowd of just over 50 people who decorated the walls with guerrilla art and the faces of the 43 murdered students in Ayotzinapa. The event was primarily held in Spanish however English translation was provided. A number of speakers discussed what it was like to be a student in Mexico before relocating to North Carolina and the similarities in working conditions found throughout the local area. Warm food and traditional dance helped keep attendees warm throughout the cold evening.


SABOT Student Assembly – Saturday (Nov.22)
At the Carborro Book Fair, a student assembly was convened by a couple dozen students which included various student groups from 7 different universities as far away as Georgia State in Atlanta. The assembly and corresponding discussion focused on shared tactics and the formation of student counter-narratives within a neoliberal space. The possibility of forming a network throughout the southeastern United States was also discussed at length.

Justice for Mike Brown/Ferguson Solidarity Demonstration – Tuesday (Nov.25)
A leaderless demonstration was held in solidarity with the Justice for Mike Brown movement which has ignited across the US. Local emphasis was placed on three instances of police brutality in which a person of color was shot. The demonstration convened 3 days after the 1 year anniversary of one such killing of Jesus ‘Chuy’ Huerta. The demonstration marched around downtown before stopping outside a detention facility. Helicopters followed the crowd which then used fireworks and road flares as they took over the 147 freeway stopping traffic for nearly a half hour. The demonstration then went to the local police station where they shut down a busy intersection while chanting the names of the victims of police brutality and “We Remember!” A standoff with police in body armor ensued; rain eventually led the demonstrators to continue the march back into the central district.

NC2NC3 NC9 NC 1 NC11 NC8 NC12

video of the highway blockade:

On the same day the banner was dropped from the campus library of the North Carolina State University which reads “From Ferguson to Aytozinapa – The struggle for freedom and justice continues. #1world1struggle.”



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