Marrakech: Public discussions and rally

The National Union of Students in Morocco (NUSM) filled three days with various activities as part of the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action.

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First off, NUSM published this statement:

The National Union of Students of Morocco
Nowadays progressive students around the world are active in an international week of action led by the international student movement against the attack of imperialism on the public education especially higher education in universities, either in the capitalist countries (France, USA, Canada, UK, Germany…) or in the occupied ones by imperialism (Tunisia, Mexico, Morocco…).
This attack is a great occasion to build a scientific and objective vision about our struggle for our holy right on free education with a scientific quality, by unifying our progressive movements around the world since the attack is global the resistance must be global too and much more powerful than the attack itself.
Our history in our movement shows a great progressive welling in the change; students have been fighting for years and years to protect this right, by a lot of political and democratic activities (manifestations, sit-ins, …) either inside universities or outside in the popular stage, also by their participation on many movements like the 20 February as a progressive movement.
We as Moroccan students and militants in our National Union of the Students of Morocco announce our participation in this great step to face the attack and guard our rights also to carry on our resistance against all the imperialist programs, in addition to that we must keep in mind that we are progressive students and militants who believes that we cannot talk about free, popular, democratic, scientific education in a world controlled by imperialism.
Free universities from police
Yes for the political and democratic freedoms
Free all the political arrested
Education not for sale
We are students not consumers
Free education – free society
National Union of Students of Morocco

November 19th:

We discussed the ISM international student movement with the students because this the first time NUSM participates in such international activities. We gave them ideas about the global week of action, then we discussed the importance of this participation for the global struggle against imperialism and exchanged ideas.
In the afternoon we discussed the struggle of the students around the world and the reaction of the political systems beyond their demands which usually could by arresting the protesters and killing the freedom of expression and manifesting. We moved a manifestation for an education free with quality.

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November 20th:

We had a series of discussions at our university about the new pedagogic system and what it actually aims to realize compared to what the system is saying in media fixing the educative system so that the students would study in better conditions. The reality is that all the pedagogic systems everywhere in the world are aiming to privatize the education so that the governments would gain money.
We discuss the political and the democratic freedom. By the way police is always around university we cannot have any possibility to do any political or democratic activities outside university or we will be arrested. This happened in 2012 when 10 students were arrested because they had a battle against the presence of the police force around and in university. Then we had the activity AN HOUR FOR READING.

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November 21st

The Minister of Employment visited the University of Marrakech and was greeted by angry students. They attempted to block the entrances and were protesting against the privatization of education and his visit in general.
He came to the university to talk about the economic functions of universities. Furthermore he tried to defend the government’s efforts to counter high unemployment rates by linking the job market with the education system even more.

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videos: [2]

blog entry of NUSM:


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