Rallies across Indonesia

We received the following report from the Indonesian Students’ Union (SMI):

Global Week of Action and International Student Day : Indonesian Students’ Union took action against the capitalization of education


Dozens of Indonesian Students’ Union (SMI) chapters held rallies commemorating the “International Students’ Day” along Diponegoro St. and University of Indonesia (UI), Salemba Central Jakarta, on Monday (17/11). Mass actions were also held in several other major cities across Indonesia, including Medan, Pringsewu, Pekalongan, Makassar, Tangerang and 15 other cities.

The SMI rallies also took place to protest the expected fuel-price hikes (BBM) by the Jokowi-JK regime. Because, raising fuel prices is evidence that the regime ruling is pro-free market.

“On the pretext of problems burden the budget, the classic excuse used since the regime to regime by SBY-JK till Jokowi today,” said lead action, Acil, in his speech.
According to Acil, the reason is usually accompanied by taming action, for example, fuel subsidies are transferred to the people through the allocation of cash.
“Both regimes SBY and Jokowi never honestly show the public that led to a reduction in the subsidy removal is the impact of Indonesia had dictated by capitalist-imperialist interests that encourage the liberalization of energy and oil and gas market in Indonesia,” he said.

Fuel as the backbone of the country’s economy is sensitive if prices increase. And will affect all sectors of life. The reason the government raised fuel prices considered as an illusion to cover the depravity of the system used by the government of the pro-free market and ASEAN Economic Community.

Indonesian Students’ Union also campaigns for the issues surrounding the high cost of tuition, due campus autonomy and commercialization of education, as well as the democratization of life on campus restrained by campus bureaucracy.

In its action, dozens of students also prayed as concerns of many violence and repression against the student movement and people movement around the world. Such as tragedy of the murder of 43 student activists in Mexico, also violence experienced by the student movement in Makassar and Medan. Indonesian Students’ Union will continue to promote unity with the student movement and other sectoral movement against education capitalization and neo-liberal system.

video: youtube.com

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