Protests at Tirana University

In Albania the student movement Për Universitetin expressed its support for the global week of action in this video! Various activities as described in the report below took place at the University of Tirana.


The following report was sent to the International Student Movement (ISM) platform:

Dear friends,

in this global week of action ‘Students Not Customers’, Per Universitetin movement has taken several actions from painting graffiti on public walls to occupations of university buildings. Today (Nov.20), activists of the movement and students from different faculties joined an occupation at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences [both at Tirana University]. Yesterday (Nov.19) at the Faculty of Natural Sciences witnessed an intervention by the police during which five students were detained inside the faculty and kept for some hours inside the police stations.

Per Universitetin movement strongly condemns the police intervention inside the faculty and university buildings and the detainment of the students who are protesting these days.

In this global week of action we demand the government of the country and the administration of the public universities in Albania to progressively lower the tuition fees toward zero, increase the budget for public universities and to stop the bureaucratic repression of professors and students in public universities.

Video of police attempting to disrupt the occupation.

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