Huge rally in Yangon

Around 1,000 people rallied in Yangon, the biggest city of Myanmar, on November 17th. Main focus of the protest was a recently passed education law. For the past few months students and teachers have been protesting for a guarantee of student and teacher unions independent of state influence as well as for more academic freedom. Also the increasing commercialization of education is a significant focal point of the protests.

Many of the inspiring signs carried during the demo indiate that this was also part of the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action.


The following message from a student on the ground came in:

WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action (Nov.17-22):
For the 1st time in history of Burma students shouted slogans in solidarity with “International Student Movement”.
There were even revolutionary army (fighting against autocrat military government of Burma) participating in the protest.
Students gave a 60-days deadline to the government to cancel reforms commercializing education.

media reports: | | | | | [2] | | | |

World News Today | Radio Free Asia

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