Occupation, rally, campus rave in Hannover

An “education strike” alliance in Hannover (Germany) organized various activities which were also arranged in the context of the global week of action.

The week of activities was kicked off with a campus rave on November 17th. Unfortunately no pictures of the raves were sent in so far.

hannover rave

In the struggle for an own room the student body of the faculty of political sciences (Fachrat Politik) occupied a lecture hall at the Leibniz University of Hannover on November 18th.
Also the general students’ committee (AStA) launched a career booklet, telling the truth about academic life, working conditions and job prospects of graduates of junior sciences. To undermine the irony between the image and reality of life as an academic the launch of the booklet was accompanied by an invitation going out to everyone to have a glas of sparkling wine.

hannover 1

November 19th: To express the need for more freedom regarding what and how one chooses to study examination regulations were publicly destroyed.


To raise awareness of the increasing lack of living space and consequently the rise in rent an art installation was organized on November 20th. Some students set up tents on campus.


The day after more than 50 students rallied for a better public transport connection between the campus (the new faculty campus of mechanical engineering in particular) and the rest of the city.


Last but not least a call was published for everyone to chill and discover the beauty of laziness on November 22nd 🙂

blog of the organizers: geshannover.blogsport.de


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