Activities announced

To have your activities added to the list leave a comment to this entry or send an email with all the details to the ISM admin collective:

Albania (Per Universitetin):
“I’m attaching this video starting our global week of action, more activities are yet to come: public disclosure of terrible studying conditions in public universities, political graffiti about education, occupation of Social Sciences Faculty and public student assembly on the idea of free public education and the crisis of student representation in education institutions.
One world one struggle!” (message received on Nov.17th)

Amsterdam (Ons kritisch alternatief):
“At the University of Amsterdam a week of actions will be organized with the theme “dictatorship at the university”. The week will start out with posters, stickers, bannerdrops and the like showing the board of directors as classic dictators like images. During the week also mock elections where people can ‘vote’ for their board of directors will be held, except that the ballot says only that you vote for them and has only that single option. After this we will announce the outcome of the votes, which of course will show the board has won with an astounding 100%. Then we will go to the building of the managers and there show our respect to our most wonderful leaders by holding signs.
We are trying to get the other university in Amsterdam (VU, Free University) and in Utrecht (UU) to partake in similar actions as well, but I can’t confirm those yet.”

Faisalabad (National Students’ Federation Pakistan):
Rally at the Government College University and Press Club.

Hannover (Education Strike Alliance):
Students at the University of Hannover organize various activities in connection with the week of action.
November 17th: Campus Rave – The first!
November 18th: In the struggle for an own room the student body of the faculty of political sciences will occupy a lecture hall.
November 19th: Public burning of examination regulations
November 20th: Campus Rave – The second! | Art project: “lack of housing”
November 21st: Rally for better public transportation to campus
November 22nd: Chilling against the pressure to perform
Main blog with all the activities:

Kuala Lumpur (Movement Demanding Free Education (GMPP)):
“To protest the way education is being turned into a business, a group of university students plan to hold a gathering to demand free education on November 21.
Held in conjunction with a global week of action to reclaim education, the Movement Demanding Free Education (GMPP) is collaborating with others worldwide in simultaneous protests from November 17 to 22.
GMPP representative P.K.S. Kesavan said the protest would be held at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre as it symbolised capitalism, and that “capitalists were the ones that make education [a] business”.
“Education is a basic necessity and not a commodity, it cannot be traded and should not be used as a source of business by any party,” Kesavan told a press conference today. (

kuala lumpur

Lisbon (Artigo 74):
As sent to the global ISM mailing list: “We will organize a public discussion for students about student movements and anti-tuition struggles in a university in Lisbon on Friday 21st.
During the week, we will publicize this discussion on facebook, blog, posters and flyers with texts (in portuguese) of propaganda to raise awareness about tuitions, education funding, the importance of free and emancipatory education, etc.”


Ljubljana (Iskra):
“We are organising an assembly at which we will talk about global trends in higher education, neoliberal reforms happening in Slovenia and abroad. We will also discuss possibilities of fighting these kinds of reforms and talk about the importance of international struggle.” (fb page)

An alliance of various groups and organizations is calling for a free education demo. (fb page)


Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition (Youths’ Voice Coalition) and Freedom from Debt Coalition call for a rally on November 19th in the capital of the Philippines.manila 2

manila 3

A coalition of various local groups and student bodies is organizing an open forum under the theme “Wer ist die Uni?” (Who is the uni?) on November 20th. The university administration declared a “dies academicus” so there are no official seminars/lectures on that day.
The cornerstones of the program are workshops and lectures focussing on the lack of democratic structures at university, barriers to the access of education (i.e. inclusion) as well as the lack of basic financial support from the state. The day will be used by faculty and students to arrange their own (protest) activities. Blog:

wer-ist-die-uni plakat kleinMorocco:
Various groups and organizations organize different activities in connection with the global week of action.
Union for changes in the education system (UECSE):
information corner and jamming session at a public park in Rabat (Nov.17th) | teach-in and banner-drop at Rabat parliament (Nov.18th) | big debate about “what is popular education?” (Nov.22nd). In addition this video was made.
Various other student groups arrange conferences at private universities in Rabat on Nov. 19th and 21st.
In Casablanca students and teacher unions will meet to write a common position on the increasing privatization of education (Nov.20th).
The group Club Conscience Estudiantine (CCE) organizes conferenes and debates together with film projects all week long at public universities in Casablanca.
More groups might still join with their activities as the week proceeds.
UPDATE: National Union of Students of Morocco (NUSM) in Marrakech joined the week of action with the following activities:
Day 1: Open discussion with students about the ISM and the global week of action | Open discussion about the political prisoners |
Manifestation against the political arrests because Wednesday is already scheduled as a day for the political prisoners in Morocco
Day 2: Discussion on how the government’s policies impact the public education system and the relationships with it. | An hour to read and discuss: Political and democratic freedoms.
Day 3: Screening videos about the ISM and NUSM as well as other student movements around the world, their goals and how they want to change the education system. | Evening of committed art organized by the students and the militants of NUSM | Sit-in in front of the university or the student residents.
Due to local conditions only three days of the week are filled with activities.
Fb page for the global week of action activities in Morocco


North Carolina (Students for a Democratic Society):


Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition):
We are Students NOT Customers! Rally against student debt on November 19th!

Pittsburgh 2

Portland (Students for #USMfuture):
Rally in Portland during meeting of Board of Trustees of the University of Southern Maine on November 17th. Students will be gathering at the Portland and Gorham campuses.  For more details check out this fb page.


Sri Lanka (Inter-University Student Federation):
Raising awareness about the global student movement. A press conference will be held on November 19th. Also a facebook campaign during the week will be launched. This year the focus of the activities will be on familiarizing the local movement with the international movement and putting the international agenda on the table.


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    Today is (or was, depending on your time zone) the first day of he International Student Movement’s Global Week of Action, with activities posted from Albania to Sri Lanka. Privatization is on everyone’s mind. In the U.S., activities are listed for North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Portland (Maine). Follow #1world1struggle and #EducationNot4Sale. Although not listed here, there are also actions in Syracuse NY and Florida.


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