What is the International Student Movement?

What is the ISM?

The International Student Movement (ISM) is an open platform for cooperation, coordination, communication, and collaboration between different individuals and groups involved with the struggle against the increasing commercialization of education as well as for free emancipatory education.

The ISM was initiated during the coordination efforts for the International Day of Action against the Commercialization of Education, which took place on November 5th 2008. It is the people and groups that use and shape the ISM who write collective statements, synergize efforts, coordinate, make signs and symbols, and continually expand the horizons of the struggle for free emancipatory education.
The ISM is generally open to everyone (whether students/pupils, parents, lecturers/faculty, or staff/workers, unemployed) who supports our collective struggle and has always been and will always be independent of any political party, union, or other institution.

Due to the nature of platforms nobody can represent or speak for the ISM as a whole. Nonetheless this international joint statement endorsed by groups and individuals gives an idea of what many people and groups connected to the ISM stand for. Last but not least it is important to know that the ISM itself has no financial capabilities, only individuals or groups connected to it might do so.

What tools make up the infrastructure of the ISM on the global level?


  • global mailing list: This is an open list any activist can use to spread important updates to the global network in English (~ 1,500 addresses). To stay connected to the flow of information on the ISM platform it is highly recommended to subscribe to the list.
  • website: ism-global.net (currently a new site is in the making) – used for news and announcements. Drop a line at the global ISM mailing list to see your reports published on it.


Social Media:

Initiated and coordinated on the ISM so far:

  • Global Education Strike [Oct. 18th + Nov. 14-22nd 2012]
  • Global Week of Action for Education [Nov. 7-20th 2011]
  • Spring of Resistance [March – May 2011]
  • Global Wave of Action for Education [Oct./Nov. 2010]
  • Education is NOT for $A£€ – Global Week of Action [Nov. 5th + 09-18th 2009]
  • Reclaim your Education – Global Week of Action [April 20-29th 2009]
  • International Day of Action against the Commercialization of Education [Nov. 5th 2008]

The platform is being upheld by individual activists in different parts of the world. It will continue to exist as long as individuals who are passionate about the struggle help to maintain the infrastructure, improve it and make use of it.

~ one world – one struggle ~

For comments, suggestions, questions or requests contact the ISM (global) admin collective: ism_admin@lists.riseup.net


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