ISM Admin Collective

ISM (global) Admin Collective

To ensure the administration of the International Student Movement (ISM) based on direct democracy in the future everyone on the global ISM mailing list was invited to help to initiate an admin collective for the ISM on the global level.

Following many hours of chat meetings activists from around the world agreed on the following framework for the newly initiated ISM (global) admin collective:

The ISM is a communication platform for people identifying with the struggle for free emancipatory education, and against education’s increasing commercialization. That means it helps to put groups and individuals in contact so that they can work together, and share information and resources. The sole role of the ‘admin collective’ is to facilitate this by keeping the platform running well – e.g. by responding to emails, updating  the website, administering pages, networking, facilitating global meetings.
The collective is inclusive and depends on the regular participation of people around the world. In order to fullfill necessary tasks of keeping the collective as active, open and friendly as possible; we are based on a common self-conception and cooresponding list of responsibilities (listed below). Unless ISM infrastructures based on regions or languages have  their own self-conception, they automatically adopt the one agreed upon by the ISM global admin collective.
Local self-organisation is encouraged as much as possible. The ISM platform seeks to enable local groups to share successful practices and inspiring ideas.

Joining the ISM (global) admin collective
Being grassroot organized, the ISM admin collective depends on people who join and help to sustain the platform. 

Self-evidently those who join the collective support the above self-conception and agree to the points listed below.
Those who want to join the collective should participate in the next chat meeting to get to know each other and clarify questions. Furthermore those interested are asked to introduce themselves to the collective on the admin mailing list.
If you have any questions, requests, suggestions or want to get involved, then contact the ISM admin collective:

For more details on the ISM go here.

Those who join the collective agree to…

  • support the basic principles of the ISM as explained here.
  • actively challenge informal hierarchies, bullying, racism, patriarchy, as well as ableism, and work towards making the ISM an inclusive and safe ‘space’.
  • not use the ISM to promote political party politics, conspiracy theories, antisemitism, nationalism, or religions.
  • challenge the perception that s_he might represent the ISM platform – for example when giving interviews. Nobody can speak for the ISM!
  • use the ISM infrastructure to spread news in support of grassroots groups and networks.

Content (not) to be posted as admin on ISM social networks:
The ISM communication infrastructure is used by the admin collective as a platform to inform about activities, political developments, and repression in connection with our struggle against the increasing commercialization of education (as well as all other aspects of our lives) and for free emancipative education. At times it can also be used to inform about other issues related to the struggle for emancipation (e.g. struggle against fascist ideology, patriarchy, racism, etc.).

The ISM admin collective remains dedicated to facilitating the flow of knowledge from the front lines of the education struggle and under no circumstance will result to the promotion of party politics or conspiracy theories.
The collective shares no messages of people that are not respecting the basic principles of the ISM, but it also doesn’t see  itself in a position to judge the methods used by others in the struggle since conditions are different around the world. For an international platform it is essencial to respect the evaluation that each group makes of their strategies in the struggle on the local level. Summarizing, we share information and take no stance on the use of tactics throughout the wide education movement.
The collective aims to put news of developments/ protests on the local and national level into a global context when reporting about them.

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