Bielefeld: Action against Commercialization of Campus Space

The following report associated with the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action was sent to the global ISM mailing list.


Hi all!

Last week, the Deutsche Telekom (German ISP) did a marketing campaign at our university canteen. They sold special food to students, and the whole area was full of Telekom marketing stuff: stands, posters, annoying music, and leaflets and cardboard boxes on every table. Because we don’t want to feel like being in a Telekom store while we eat our lunch, we decided to throw out the boxes.

Afterwards we walked with a banner through the canteen to remind the students and Telekom henchfolk that we are students, and not customers. […]

This is our belated conribution to the international “We are students not customers” action week. […]

Solidary greetings from Bielefeld, Germany!

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Open Forum in Marburg

An alliance of students and faculty staff at the Philipps-University of Marburg organized an open forum with the theme “Wer ist die Uni?” (Who is the uni?). Various status groups at the university filled the programme with workshops, presentation, film screenings and exhibitions among others.  Focal points of the forum were (the lack of) democratic structures at the university, selections processes in the access to education, as well as the issue of public underfunding and its consequences for the institution.
The administration of the university supported the initiative and called on lecturers to suspend lectures and seminars for the day – a so called ‘dies academicus’. The main lecture hall building was used to host the forum.

It was also linked to the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action and attended by around 400 people.


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North Carolina: Vigil, Assembly, Blockade, Banner-Drop

The report and pictures below were shared on the global ISM mailing list from North Carolina:

On behalf of the North Carolina State University Students for a Democratic Society (NCSU SDS)

Here in central North Carolina the ‘We Are Students, Not Customers’ week of activities ranged from a statewide assembly to blockading the 147 Freeway. (Photo’s included below)


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Ljubljana: Round of discussion

Some students involved with the student organization Iskra organized a round of discussion with the focus on student movements around the world, in particular the International Student Movement (ISM) platform as well as the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action.

The session took place at the faculty of Philosophy of Ljubljana University (Slovenia) on November 20th.

iskra 3

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University of Southern Maine: Taking Over the Board

We discovered the following report from the University of Southern Maine in Portland (USA).

On November 17, hundreds of students at the University of Southern Maine walked out of class and assembled on the quad to share stories about the adverse affects of ongoing budget cuts. We then marched to the UMaine System Board of Trustees meeting, where we disrupted the meeting with chants and took over the trustees’ seats—staging our own board meeting and calling for a different future for USM. The demonstration was the latest in a series of protests against the wholesale dismantling of USM by the board of trustees. Five programs have been eliminated since October, and twenty-five tenured faculty were “retrenched”—that is, fired—on October 28, with many more coerced into retirement. Students for #USMFuture has demanded reversal of the cuts, restoration of shared governance and renewed state investment in public higher education. Our actions were in conjunction with a week of action, coordinated by the International Student Movement, from Pittsburgh to Belgrade to Sierra Leone. We plan to continue to connect our movement to those of our allies in the struggle for the right to education.

source: (point 13)


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Rally in Kuala Lumpur

The Movement Demanding Free Education (GMPP) together with Pemuda Sosialis (Socialist Youth, PSM) arranged a rally as part of the WE ARE STUDENTS NOT CUSTOMERS – Global Week of Action on November 21st. It took place within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre – an area full of shopping malls and high-end hotels. According to organizers the area was chosen because it symbolizes capitalism.


video news report: Sinar TV

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